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Is it possible to create a special user during a game that is shown on the map to all participants without using a UAV?

I would need to create users who move around the field (on foot or by vehicle) who are shown on the map of all the other users, in order to create VIP objectives that move.

Thank you

MWesterweele has reacted to this post.

GM, REF and GM assistants can be seen by everybody.
However, I assume you want to see a desired point of interest (POI) on the map that is moving, and for this, you need one of our electronic prop such as an ATB or Minibox.



So with a Minibox + sim more or less 170 euro I can have a POI that is moving forward all the palyer?

I can see from the spec that I can use it only for red and blue sim.

Assuming that I will have 10 team into a milsim how I will see the minibox inside the app?




Blue and red team refers to the domination  mode.

As a GPS tracker, you can have 10 teams, GM will select which teams will see it on the  map.


I think the question is more tot dedicate a person in app as VIP.


In the short term, we do not plan to implement a VIP feature in the app.

To include a VIP in your event, you will need a Minibox or ATB.

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