SUGGESTION : Kill confirmed mission


Kill confirmed is a nice spin on the casual TDM that could be useful for some fields

At my local field we're experimenting with unique missions that can be done with the app alone and what can be done with the ATB when we get access to them

A suggestion one of the players had was to have a Kill confirmed mode, this will replace the medic feature to have a different QR code when your status is set to injured, if an enemy scans the code they gain points, if a friendly teammate scans it they revive you or cancel out the kill

Would something like this be possible with the current app by just repurposing the injured QR code to have this extra feature if in this new mode?

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Agent_SmithGareth Seymour

Yes yes let's do this Ares Alpha 😊😊


The Trials on our local field as mentioned by @stewball above have me really amped to see what future extensions and updates to the Ares Alpha App will be implemented.

Really does add some exciting new dimensions to the Pew Pew gameplay.


Great suggestion. Let's see it soon 🤙

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