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Snapshot mode


I'm thinking about a snapshot mode/feature.

An organizer needs mostly the positions of companies and scuads. The actual position of every soldier is less relevant for the big picture.

In the field a commander needs mostly to know the positions of friendly scuads so he can tune his mission. The position of every soldier is less relevant as the micro management of the fight belongs mostly to each individual.

So how about a snapshot of the battlefield with an adjustable radius and resolution ? Radius could cover the hole map or maybe 100 m, resolution could be  filtered at a level of company/scuad/soldier/commander. A scuad could be aproximated as a mean of all the positions of his members (the center of a circle containing the coordinates of the members, no bigger than a set value , let's say 50 m).

This mode/feature could give relevant information in a compresed form and limit the all the data to a minimum.


If I'm not mistaken, within the options, you can already filter by 'rank'.
In that case, it would be enough to filter by Platoon leader or Squad Leader, and the problem is solved.
Isn't that right?


Exactly, you can use "filter by rank"  to see only squad leaders for example!

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