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When I create a new event from pc and I set it, how can I use it from phone? How can I recall from a phone app?  I discovered it, just scan it, but can' i export ito to give it to someone else?
I am looking for perks use.
if i use perks single use in game, I have to physically go into the field to update them?
can i take a perk and use it lather?

Steps to start an event are the follow:

  1. Create the event on website
  2. Same player who created the Event scans the QR code from Ares Alpha App; by doing so, he will become the Game Master.
  3. From Ares Alpha App, the GM select a Rank and creates QR codes or share invitations for other players. Use the "Invite" button from Ares Alpha menu. Next, the Generals will invite other players, and so on the game players hierarchy it's built.

For Perks, you need first to create them, and scan the QR codes to join them in the current game. Each perk has the option to be used once or multiple times in the same game. You don't need to create other Perks, you can use the same in other events, just scan it again in the new game.



sorry for late,

then i have to print the qrcode and scan it un field?

can't i recall it from app?

can i be GM and soldier at same time? if yes how ?


Yes, the point of perks is to print the QR codes and spread it on the field; afterall has to be used by players, not by GM.

You cannot be in the same time soldier and GM . But you can jump from GM to general, in the Hierarchy section of the app. And come back as GM in Invite section. Bu

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