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We are using the system to conduct some tests.
We have noticed a feature that could be useful for larger events.

You should create a function within the PERKS for usage "depending on one's rank".

Let me explain:
It could be helpful, and normal, for a player (perhaps with the rank of soldier) to encounter a QR code/Perk of a UAV in the field, but it might not be the right time or the best person to know when it's appropriate to launch it.

Therefore, we would like a usage block that allows the soldier to scan the Perk, and send the Perk to a "perk depot/archive" that perhaps only the general can use.

This is because in more complex/large events, and where limited access to Perks is given, it might be necessary to only allow certain people (with higher rank) to use them at the right moment, but the scan could be done by someone in the field.
Obviously, once the perk is "deposited" in the "perk depot/archive," the QR code will no longer be scannable by other.

I hope I have been clear.

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