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I have a few questions about the Minibox because the manual isn't really comprehensive. In the description stands that the minibox can be used as a live vehicle tracker, how does that work? In the configuration mode I can't change anything, the Minibox will always function as a domination point. So how can I connect the Minibox to a vehicle in the Ares Alpha App without domination points?

My next question is, what does the second USB-C plug in the 4 pin plug? How can I see that the Minibox is connectet to my Wifi? Do you recommend to use it with a Sim Card, if so are their some settings i have to consider?

Thank you!


Indeed the minibox is always in the domination modes. But you can also use it as a tracker on your vehicle by just assign it to a POI in the map designer: Players will se in the real-time the position of te vehicle (POI) on the map.
The second USB connector it's for debugger purposes, so you don't have to use it ever. We usually recommend to use all our props with a SIM cards, because it has unlimited range (Wi-Fi has a much limited range). Of course it depends on the local GSM network operator coverage, and so on.
You can check if your minibox is connected to the internet (wifi or modem) on the admin/connection screen:

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Thank you for the fast response. Together with a SIM card it works well.

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