Map management for mil-sim events (GM)


Good morning,
We are looking for a system that suits our needs better and is easier to use than the classic ATAC for participants in our events.
We would need to be able to do two things within the app.
1 - To be able to add (only to the GM's profile) zones that are bombed during a game, and ensure that all operators within the bombed territory receive notification of "death" or "alert".
2 - The ability to modify the map (zones and perimeters) during an active game.
3 - The ability to modify the map in real-time from a PC (perhaps via browser-based software).



Sorry, but I wasn't logged in for the previous comment.



  1. "Bomb zones" are not implemented for the moment on Ares Alpha. But it's on the future updates list 😉
  2. You can change the map in real-time, on website. After you save the map, all changes will reflect immediately on the players mobile app!
    For optimum experience, use a PC to edit the map.

Great, looking forward to the update!

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