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Long term games


I'm a person who participate several organizers team. In our region most of the gamers are not using Ares Alpha for games because it spend up their mobile batteries. Is there a plan for equipment for squad leaders that can map up their squad members by RFID patches?  It would be great some solution to have a tool that could map up all own units in a round of 50 meters. In this case it would be enough one phone or tab to collect the information and transfer this to the leadership. I'm interested in games of 200 members and above. If you would sell patches either once for 200+ and a tool that could be attached to the mobile by micro or C type usb for every squad leader it would be greatfull solution for organizers, and proper  business for you too.



I don't think we understand very clear your ideea.
How can a simple RFID patch track the GPS location of the player? And how should communicate with other devices at 50 meters? RFID max distance it's around 10 cm.


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