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Hello you all,

On the Are Alpha app where you can start your games, i saw also a game called countdown..

Does anybody know how it works?  Because they talk about time perks. But i cant find anything about this game mode.




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Grumpy Monkey

Hi Berrie3D09

My understanding is that with the countdown game, you play in an area with an ever decreasing time frame (the countdown) that when it runs down to zero the life is lost/game over for that particular player; the perks in question 'add' time to a player so by collecting the time perks you increase your personal timer and therefore last longer in the game.

The perks them selves are located under the My Account > Perks > Add Perks  tab but I am unable to confirm this as I am having connection issues with both the desktop and app (maybe due to a maintenance of the site?).


I hope this helps?

Grumpy Monkey


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