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Capture the flag


Started a new topic since the other seemed to be more about updates to existing props.

so CTF has been a classic game mode/ objective since the beginning of time. I think a CTF prop set could bring some fun into the app relatively easy.

putting the same WiFi/ 4G connection in the flag itself to be used to communicate location and other info in the app. We would also need 2 flag stands per flag. 1 for where the flag starts and another to place the flag when captured. These flag stands don’t necessarily need WiFi/4G as they can just be added as POIs on the map. But hopefully have some tech in the stand itself so that it knows that the correct flag is in the stand to keep score and the rules can be made to insure that a team must have control of both flags in order to score.( could use the same RFID tech used with the other props)

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