Battle royal easy update


So I love the idea of battle Royal airsoft and this app helps a lot, but a few small tweaks could make it much better.

1. Give the option for GM to place their own circles

2. don’t show all circles from the very beginning as it allows some players to know they are already in the final circle and only need to sit and wait. Instead players should only be able to see the next circle and only when the warning begins that the current circle is about to close.

3. Having refs run around the map calling players dead for being outside of the circle is sometimes difficult. This could be remedied by the app blasting a siren when the player is outside the circle and as a rule for the game they could decide if the player should be dead when the siren goes off or if it’s just designed to give away their position.. maybe 2 different siren sounds. The first signaling you are out of the circle and gives away your position. The a set about of time later the siren will change signaling you are dead. ( similar to coughing in the gas before you die in call of duty)

  1. Maybe in the future, if other players will like this idea.
  2. All circles are shown only for the GM, players are seeing only the next circle. Can you please share a screenshot from a player who is seeing all the circles at the beginning of the game?
  3. Not sure I understand this one...what siren should start when the player is outside the circle? You mean the speaker of the player phone?

1. Awesome

2. ok that’s probably my fault then as I have yet to actually run the game, just me tinkering around on the app by myself, I thought joining the game myself I would only see what other players see but I guess since I’m also the GM that would make sense.

3. Yes a  loud noise of some kind from the speaker on the phone. Something like a loud beep when outside of the circle. Then after a set amount of time a loud siren to let the player know they are now dead. ( this also adds potential for a gas mask perk in the future that could allow players to spend extra time outside of a circle  before their phone starts beeping if they find that QR code.) now that I think about it adding a gas mask perk could be neat even in advanced event mode adding a circle on a map that only players that have a gas mask perk can spend time in to to do some other objective, but that’s probably much more complex for you guys to pull off)


For point 3: From our experience, 99% of players are putting the phone on silent when the play airsoft for obvious reasons; but it might be worth adding a beep and a vibration when the player is out of the circle!

Our best advice it's to give it a try to this game mode for real, you'll see the gameplay and interaction with players it's not exactly like in Warzone 🙂

PS: Ideea with the gas mask it's interesting!


Yea I get players would usually keep their phone on silent or vibrate while playing airsoft, but being this mode in particular is more of a 15min rec game, if the players knew sound was part of the game I’d hope they would all turn their volume up. Of course it’s a game so people will try to cheat but it’s airsoft so the whole game is kinda built on trust.

but I will for sure be trying to use this app for all the games I host and my team will be using it for squad tracking at other events. But our season is just starting so I’ve been trying to learn the app as best I can. I am very impressed so far.

Quote from admin on April 3, 2024, 7:16 am
  1. Maybe in the future, if other players will like this idea

It is 100% necessary if you do not die when outside the zone it is not battle royal please add


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